Holiday Dinners: A Season of Food and Financial Planning

A season of food and financial planning.

Holiday dinners, a time when we come together, can be a great time to discuss why #BlackMoneyMatters. Pass a healthy serving of financial planning as you scoop into social topics and sprinkle in political debate!

It’s time to bypass the taboo and reveal the ingredients behind what can keep us #FinanciallyLit! So, grab your spices; financial literacy, money tips, and family wealth-building strategies. Maybe focus on the OneTransaction that will close the racial wealth gap for your family!

So, what are the key ingredients to stellar financial planning?

It’s one part knowledge and one part action! This is where the multigenerational conversation becomes the base for your family recipe.

Ingredient #1: Grandparents, the storytellers

Where better to understand the complex rollercoaster of money lessons than with those who have experienced the most in their journey?

Start with a discussion on what generational wealth looks like for you and your family.

  • Grandparents can share their approach to building generational wealth, wins, and moments where they wish they had been better prepared during their journeys. Get everyone involved in discussing what are key family goals.
  • Leverage our Financial Literacy Center’s course Preparing For Retirement to gauge whether you can your family members are prepared for their next transition.
  • A top priority topic should also center around different components of your estate planning like wills and life insurance. These two steps help your loved ones cover expenses when an elder passes.

With these conversations, observation and future framing become teachers for younger generations.

Ingredient #2: Parents, the guardians

As guardians, your conversations with your children will frame their perception and relationship with money. Lean on grandparents at the table for additional support here!

Now you can expand the conversation into why creating businesses and managing money are important in financial planning.

  • Focus on Black business growth potential is one way we will close the #RacialWealthGap and increase our net community worth.
  • Parents and grandparents should share their involvement in Black-owned businesses and tie it to their increased business knowledge and improved financial management skills.
  • Take it one step further and discuss the importance of loans and how we can understand how credit can affect our ability to access them.
  • We have powerful tools such Lendistry which helps with small business loans and short-term personal loans up to $1,000 with CashPlease
  • Our OneTransaction Virtual Financial Conference conversation on how to rebuild credit is another fantastic resource to help expand the dialogue.

Next, lean into our suite of tools to communicate why money management reigns supreme.

  • If you get lost in all these rewards, don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone! Tis the season, so share with your family tips on how you reward yourself with OneUnited Rewards Suite
  • Tools like our Money Management can help you communicate how family members can think about tracking and prioritizing both spending and saving, whilst establishing a solid budget.

Ingredient 3: Young generations, the adventurers

This group has the most to gain from starting now – savings, investing, budgeting, and more!

Now you can conclude with some of the top things they can keep in mind as they enter into adulthood.

  • Here is your top action item! Have your kids set a savings goal for next year, something challenging but achievable like savings of $200. This practice will require sacrifice and a forward-thinking perspective. This will teach them the importance of seeing money as a tool to invest rather than spend.
  • Young generations may already have started entrepreneurial efforts without really knowing how to navigate them financially. Connect them with resources that can help them monetize their work!

Our top blogs for money tips for young generations include:

Start the legacy! Lead the conversation with authenticity and transparency, then work to build trust and accountability so you can reach and surpass your goals as a family!

Embrace every teachable moment! Gratitude, charity, and celebrating wins are some of the most fun ways to center your family in the communal spirit of the season.

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