UNITY Visa The Comeback Card
A secured credit card offered by OneUnited Bank
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How to Rebuild Credit Program
Today, companies use credit scores to make decisions on credit cards, auto loans, mortgages and even insurance and employment...
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Secured Credit Card
vs Prepaid Card?
Why carry a celebrity prepaid card?
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  • UNITY Visa Secured Credit Card

    • Reports to the major credit bureaus
    • Provides How to Rebuild Credit Program
    • Visa credit card, not a prepaid card
    • Fixed rate, not variable
    • Manage your account online
    • No application fee or penalty rate
    • Security deposit FDIC insured

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    Unity Visa Credit Card

    Learn how to rebuild credit with secured credit cards. And if you are looking for the best secured Visa card, check out the UNITY Visa Card!
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