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With the OneUnited Bank Mobile App you can safely deposit checks, transfer money, pay your bills – or other people – right from the palm of your hand. And best of all, the app is free.


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Move Your Money with Ease

OneUnited Bank makes it easy to send and receive money instantly using Zelle, CashApp, Venmo and other mobile apps. And you can use your BankBlack Visa Debit Card to make purchases with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Walmart Pay, and more!


  • Instantly access and move your money
  • Take advantage of the leading digital payment platforms
  • BankBlack and BuyBlack with ease


Don”t wait any longer! Take advantage of the latest and greatest technology we have to offer and enroll your OneUnited Bank Visa Debit Card these apps today.

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OneUnited is proud to introduce CardSwap to online banking and our mobile app. CardSwap makes it easy for you to keep track and use your BankBlack Visa Debit Card as your payment option for popular online services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Uber*, and more, all in one place!


  • Easily swap subscription services to your OneUnited Bank Debit card
  • Manage the payments of many of your online services easily in one place


Check out CardSwap in online banking or our mobile app today.


*None of the listed companies are associated with, sponsor, or endorse this product.

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Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

With the OneUnited Bank Mobile App you can easily manage your money anytime, anywhere. And with our Mobile Remote Deposit Capture feature, that includes depositing a check.


No need to worry about finding a branch near you anymore. With mobile and online banking from OneUnited Bank, you’ve got the power of the branch within your reach 24/7.
Financial Education Center

Explore how to use online and mobile banking securely and effectively.

Investigate the causes of consumer fraud and identity theft, and identify ways to protect yourself from these crimes.

This program will help you understand key financial concepts and make better decisions related to managing your money.

Bank Anytime, Anywhere

With OneUnited Bank you don’t have to have a branch nearby to manage your money. You can bank with OneUnited from anywhere in the US, at any time that works for you.