Our Mission

Welcome to OneUnited Bank.

Our Mission Is To Be The Premier Black-Owned Bank In America By:

Offering affordable financial services for all.

Treating all customers with respect, dignity, and personal attention to their banking needs regardless of their account balances.

Making financial literacy a core value in the Black community to close the racial wealth gap.

Employing and training high-quality employees who are committed to our mission.

Maintaining superior financial performance

This clarity of vision and mission is reflected in everything we do. We seek to unite urban communities to share ideas, technology, and management resources to better meet the banking needs of urban communities.

We provide everyone with an opportunity to achieve the basic foundation for financial security by offering affordable banking services.

Obtain great rates, while supporting urban communities. Open an account today by clicking here.

When you join OneUnited Bank, you join thousands of families, organizations, and business owners across the country that are committed to the development of the new America.

We look forward to serving your needs. Your business and your support are the keys to our success.