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The reality is the wealth gap for each family can be closed by one strategic transaction. That transaction could be a will, life insurance, home ownership, a profitable business, automatic savings, an investment portfolio or an improved credit score. Take the Action Steps to get it done!

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The Myth vs the Reality of the Racial Wealth Gap and How to Fix It!

Breakout Sessions

Savings & Investments

A Master Class on Budgeting & Savings

Profitable Business

Building a Movement and Brand in the Digital Age

Profitable Business

How to Secure a Business Loan and the Importance of Tax Planning

Home Ownership

The Keys to Achieving Home Ownership Today!


The Importance of Wills in the Age of COVID!

Partners/Co-Sponsors Session


Fidelity Investments

Breakout Sessions

Savings & Investments

Tools to Save More & Invest Wisely

Rebuild Credit

How to Manage Your Credit Score

Life Insurance

#BlackLifeMatters – How Can Life Insurance Work for Me?

Wrap Up