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At OneUnited Bank, we understand the challenges many face in today’s financial world. With the help of advanced technology and our deep-rooted values, we’re here to guide and uplift everyone, especially those who’ve felt left behind.

We’re deeply committed to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and empowering communities.

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Nation’s largest Black-owned bank, 50 years of service, two decades of digital banking.

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Learn how we are closing the racial wealth gap and fostering generational wealth.

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OneUnited Bank: A Transformational History

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1898 - Generations of Community Development

OneUnited Bank CEO's great-great-grandfather, Charles Cohee Jr. (1848-1908), successfully lobbied Congress and the U.S. President for 40-acre allotments for Freedmen, leading to the growth of Black Wall Street in Greenwood, Oklahoma. OneUnited Bank continues this legacy of promoting economic and social development.

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1968 - Founding - Civil Rights Movement

The predecessors of OneUnited Bank, Unity Bank & Trust Company, and Boston Bank of Commerce (BBOC), were established in today’s Nubian Square in Boston. The Bank's history can be traced back to the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

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1995 - Leadership Change

The bank came under the leadership of new owners, Chairman and CEO Kevin Cohee and President and COO Teri Williams. Cohee and Williams continue to lead the bank to this day.

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1999 - Interstate Expansion

Acquired three African-American-owned banks. BBOC became the first interstate African-American-owned bank in the country through its acquisition of Peoples National Bank of Commerce, South Florida’s only African-American-owned bank.

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Becoming OneUnited

BBOC and Peoples merged with Founders National Bank of Commerce and Family Savings Bank in Los Angeles and changed the name to OneUnited Bank creating the nation’s largest Black-owned bank. Won 1st of 14 Bank Enterprise Awards for community development lending.

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2005 - Digital Expansion

OneUnited Bank launched its digital platform becoming the first Black owned digital bank in the nation. Launched mobile banking to provide easy access to financial services.

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2015 - Taking a Stand

After the shooting of Trayvon Martin and other murders, OneUnited Bank unveiled a mural on its Miami branch, launched unapologetically Black Visa debit cards, supported #BlackLivesMatter and #TakeAKnee and launched the #BankBlack movement. OneUnited uses its platform to amplify the calls for social justice and equality.

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2020 - Innovative Digital Services

Introduced 2 Day Early Pay, CashPlease, short-term small dollar loan program with no credit check, money management and other innovative banking services accessible in the Bank’s Super App.

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2022 - Office Expansion

Opened a new branch in Compton CA and purchased a new HQ building in Roxbury, MA to move from downtown to the heart of Boston’s Black community.

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2023 - Launched Revolutionary AI Insights

Launched revolutionary AI-driven insights to empower customers to make better financial decisions and build generational wealth. Provides unparalleled financial control, helps prevent costly errors, and reduces financial stress.

Our Story

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From our roots to our aspirations, “The Shift” episode offers a unique insider’s lens into the heart of OneUnited Bank’s mission. Witness the financial revolution, reimagined.

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Experience the intersection of innovation, legacy, and the future of financial empowerment with OneUnited Bank and JP Morgan. Witness the transformative journey that captures the essence of financial empowerment and the potential that lies ahead.

A Partnership with Purpose

Experience firsthand the synergy between two financial powerhouses – OneUnited and Citibank –  both passionate about driving positive change and uplifting communities across the nation.

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