Learn More to Avoid Overdrafts

By learning more, you may be able to avoid overdrafts. We offer many options including Overdraft Protection, CashPlease loans and Overdraft Privilege.

Qualifications apply.

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Back-up Checking with Savings

Link your checking to your savings account with Overdraft Protection. Automatically cover checking overdrafts with your savings for no fee. Open a savings account today.

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CashPlease for Emergencies

If you have an active checking account, you may qualify for our CashPlease short-term small dollar loan program to cover unexpected expenses.

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Learn More about Overdraft Privilege

We strive to pay your overdrafts from check transactions and, with Overdraft Privilege, can extend this service to cover everyday debit and ATM transactions with your permission.

It Pays to Avoid Overdrafts

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Understand Posting Order

Understand how the order that transactions post to your account impacts your available balance.

Deposit Account Agreement (PDF)

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Understand Pending Transactions

Recognize how pending credits, debits, and holds affect your available balance.

Deposit Account Agreement (PDF)

Icon Blue Timely Alerts

Get Timely Alerts

Set up low-balance alerts to monitor available funds.

Timing is everything!

Time Card Notifications

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Set Up Recurring Transfers​

Set up recurring transfers to aid budgeting, allocate funds for specific expenses, and prevent overspending via cash flow control.

Funds Transfer

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Learn More about Overdrafts and CashPlease Loans

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Learn More about Overdraft Protection

OneUnited Bank offers Overdraft Protection that links your checking account to another OneUnited Bank account as a backup to transfer payments to your checking account to cover transactions presented against insufficient funds. (Overdraft Protection does not cover transactions presented against uncollected funds.) Transactions that may prompt an Overdraft Protection transfer include, but are not limited to, checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions, pre-authorized automatic debits, telephone-initiated transfers, or other electronic transfers. Our Overdraft Protection service is optional and there is no fee associated with the daily Overdraft Protection transfer from your linked account. (See our Deposit Account Agreement to learn more)

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Learn More about CashPlease Loans

OneUnited Bank offers CashPlease, a short term, small dollar loan program without a credit check. A CashPlease loan is repaid over 90 days in 3 installments. CashPlease is only available to eligible checking account holders at OneUnited Bank. Your checking must be in good standing and active (with recurring deposits and usage), and the email associated with the account must be active. If approved, funds are deposited within 4 hours. There is no guarantee that we will make you a loan. If you are notified on the website that you are not eligible for a loan, please check back in the future.

(Qualifications, interest rate and fees apply. Please see CashPlease Disclosures or CashPlease FAQs for details.)

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Learn More about Overdraft Privilege

OneUnited Bank also offers Overdraft Privilege in which we will strive to pay checks and other transactions made using your checking account number and automatic bill payments when funds are not available in your account. When an account has insufficient funds, an Insufficient Funds Charge is charged for each item whether the item is paid or returned unpaid. When an account has unavailable funds, an Uncollected Funds Charge is charged for each item whether the item is paid or returned unpaid. These fees are provided in our Truth in Savings Disclosure, Online Truth in Savings Disclosure and Business Account Disclosure that include Miscellaneous Fees.

You may contact us to decline enrollment in Overdraft Privilege, our standard overdraft service. Opting out of the service may result in items presented for payment being returned unpaid if you do not have Overdraft Protection. (See our Deposit Account Agreement to learn more)

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