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Are you stressed about money? Don’t worry – you’re not alone and help is available! This program will help you understand key financial concepts and make better decisions related to managing your money.

Major Life Transactions

Life is full of big decisions, and it can feel overwhelming at times! This program will equip you to better manage some major financial decisions that may come your way.

a Career

Now’s the time to create a plan for your financial future. This lesson will help you identify the key areas you should focus on as you start a new career.

Planning for Retirement

Are you prepared for retirement? This program will help you plan today for the life you want in retirement. Explore important financial planning topics like investment strategies, estate planning, and social security so you can have a comfortable retirement.


Learn about the fundamentals of financing a small business, including business plans, balance sheets, and credit.

Preventing Elder Fraud

It’s important to take financial care of our older loved ones, as older individuals are particularly vulnerable to scams and financial abuse. In this program, learn about what it means to be a financial caregiver and how to plan for one, as well as how to recognize and report elder financial fraud.

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