Inside OneTransaction PT2

While managing your finances can be hard at times, show no fear! Tiffany Aliche, Bola Sokunbi, and Chris Browning have not only fought their own financial battles but strive daily to help others as well. Through trial and tribulation, they have one thing in common: #OneTransaction.

Here’s their stories:

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche – From teacher to financial advocate, Tiffany Aliche, AKA The Budgetnista, has changed lives all across the country with her financial advice. After realizing her passion for teaching and knowledge of managing finances, she found her true calling. Since then, she’s been helping people #MakeMoneyMoves the right way. Tiffany eventually created “The Budgetnista” as well as a wide range of resources from books to courses and in-person meetings. Tiffany’s mission is to provide everyone access to proper financial education!

Chris Browning, Popcorn Finance – Analyst by day, podcaster by night; Chris Browning is pursuing his passion of teaching by providing financial education with his podcast: “Popcorn Finance.” His podcast episodes are short (always under 10 minutes), concise, and straight to the point, unlike other financial podcasts. Chris’s videos are so great that they eventually named him the “African-American Financial Guru to Follow” in 2020, 2019, and 2018. Chris is on the verge of completing his goal of making finances as simple and easy as possible!

Bola Sokunbi “Clever Girl Finance” – Author, CEO, and teacher, Bola Sokunbi aims to change the way women think about money! After graduating college, Bola committed to bettering herself financially. Through trial and error, she was eventually able to achieve her goal. Bola realized that she wasn’t the only one fighting this battle – leading her to become a financial instructor for her Clever Girl Finance blog. In addition to the blog, she’s also written three books that help with building wealth!

Starting your own #OneTransaction can set you and your family up for future success! Whether it’s having a Will, Insurance, Home Ownership, Owning a Business, Savings/Investments, or Improving Your Credit Score, these transactions will give you the financial security you seek.

Building Black is easier when we work together. Learn more about how you can start your path to financial success at our on Juneteenth. What will your #OneTransaction be?

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