The Power of Money Management

The power of money management.

Introducing our state-of-the-art Money Management tool to help you reach your goals by developing a plan to then take action! As the largest Black owned bank and the first digital Black owned bank in America, we are focused on ensuring you create generational wealth by providing tools to improve the management of your money.

Our Money Management tool is a free mobile app and online banking suite that provides you with a one-stop location to manage your finances easily and securely.

With Money Management, you can…

  • Manage multiple bank accounts
  • Easily track your spending and identify trends
  • Set and maintain your budget
  • Manage your bills
  • Set and track saving and spending goals
  • Check your debt payoff forecasting

Money Management, available under More in our mobile app, will give you the sense of reliability that you need when trying to reach your financial goals. This feature automatically categorizes all your transactions; immediately letting you know when and how you’ve spent your money and always keeping you multiple steps ahead!

You can create a budget limit and manage your monthly recurring bills, while receiving email alerts that will help keep you on track.

The Covid-19 pandemic is something that no one could have or would have imagined it’d be, but one thing for sure is that its taught us that we must always keep our financial priorities in check. Let’s make preparation and stability a key focal point in our lives. Saving or investing money and making purposeful purchases can help us prepare for the unforeseen upheavals in life.

Together we can claim our OneTransaction that will allow us to build for our future and for generations to come such as savings &amp investments, a profitable business, home ownership or an improved credit score. With Money Management, you can build positive habits and better track your progress towards building generational wealth.

Let’s get our financial house in order and make ready to #BuildBlack, close the #RaciaWealthGap, and complete our #OneTransaction. One step at a time!

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