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A stack of coins with a plant growing out of them.
Financial Literacy

Living to Grow Your Means: 10 Smart Money Moves

Many of us have heard the age-old sayings, “Spend less than what you make” or “Live within your means.” We obviously need a revamp. Not only must we combat inflation and stagnant wages, but we also need to build generational wealth. So, what’s the answer?

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Financial Literacy

The Mind-Money Mashup: Your Brain and Your Bucks

Have you ever had one of those phases when you feel like you’re battling life and it’s winning? You’re not alone. In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, it’s easy to get tangled up in the financial web of bills, loans, and savings.

How to pay off student loans.
Financial Literacy

8 Tips to Pay Off Student Loans

Believe it or not, there will come a day when your student loans will be paid off! With the right strategies and mindset, paying off your student loans will be a “fight”, but is within reach!

5 benefits of a certificate of deposit cd account.
Financial Literacy

5 Benefits of a Certificate of Deposit (CD) Account

A safe, secure, easy way to earn more money from your savings! Look no further than a Certificate of Deposit (CD) account! A centuries-old solution, CDs have stood the test of time.

Why Refinance? 3 Refinancing Myths

Even with rising rates, there may still be a good reason to refinance. Don’t get stuck in a bad mortgage. Join us as we debunk common myths and reveal the strengths of refinancing. Make #SmartMoneyMoves today!

Top 20 money mistakes to avoid.
Financial Literacy

Top 10 Money Mistakes to Avoid!

Have you ever wondered how your one friend makes all the right money moves? Well, they avoid the most common money mistakes, that’s how!

5 steps to own your next home.
Financial Literacy

Black Homeownership: 5 Steps to Own Your Next Home

Black homeownership is not just an issue of wealth, but also of equity and opportunity. As the nation’s largest Black owned bank, we understand the importance of homeownership. Here are 5 steps that you can take to own your next home.

Are home appraisals realistically blessed?.
Financial Literacy

Are Home Appraisals Racially Biased?

What do we call a 23% drop in home valuation for Black neighborhoods versus comparable white neighborhoods? This is a glaring case of racial bias! Here are 4 ways to fight back.

Why not? top secret answers.
Financial Literacy

Why not? Top Secret Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions with top secret answers! Well, not really top secret, but difficult questions to answer in a quick sound bite or in “mixed company”. Here we go!

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