Summer School is In Session!

Summer school is in session.

Start your school year off right by getting #FinanciallyLIT! We’ve curated our top three programs for college students in our Financial Education Center to help you achieve your money goals. School is in session!

Whether you want to accelerate your learning or stretch it over several weeks, our Financial Education Center is your greatest companion.

We understand that you may want to take every course our education center offers, cherry-pick only a few, or just revisit old concepts. Our Top 3 Programs for Students get you up to speed!

Building Financial Capabilities

Start Here: Each module of Building Financial Capabilities – one of our favorite plans – helps you understand the basics of how to think about money. Healthier habits are one program away!

Create a Budget – College is an expensive endeavor. Take this course to understand how to best set up your budget to help you thrive financially for your journey.

Talk to Your Family – Open and honest financial discussions help families get on the same page and encourage financial literacy. Wealthy families typically have discussions early on about the impact student loans can have on the rest of your life or how to apply for a loan.

Let’s normalize these conversations in all families to build our generational wealth and financial savviness.

Healthy Financial Habits – Establishing healthy financial habits now can save you from a world of hurt down the road. Get comfortable and honest about your habits to help shape them in the right direction!

Financial Foundations

Start Here: A solid foundation can help you get ahead and stay ahead. The financial race is not a sprint, but a marathon. Get started building your Financial Foundations today.

Checking Accounts – With everyday access to your funds and the ability to connect your account to a suite of services like Money Management, AutoSave, and BankBlack Early Pay, your checking account is your financial superstar! Set up your checking account before you set out for school to maximize your benefits.

Build Better Credit – Your credit score is an immediate snapshot and a tool used to forecast what your future creditworthiness may look like. As a young adult entering newfound responsibilities, work on responsibly building your credit history so you can access financial products and lower interest rates.

Preventing Overdraft Fees – When money is tight, an overdraft fee can turn your day sour. Learn why overdraft fees occur and how to keep your hard-earned money where it belongs: in your pocket!

Investing in Your Future

Start Here: The perfect program to put your mind on your money. Invest in your future today to reach a secure and rewarding financial future.

Building Emergency Savings – An emergency can arise at any time! Prepare beforehand to make sure surprises don’t destabilize your financial health. Emergency savings are your ally in staying in fighting shape.

Paying for College – With college costs rising, it’s time to be strategic. College is within your reach. It’s all about knowing the options that are available to you and your family.

Sustainable Investing – Simply put, you can start investing to build your wealth and support causes that align with your values from a young age. Investing is for everyone, not just those who are already wealthy.

Our programs are designed to dramatically elevate your financial literacy. Your first day and your last day of college are not far apart, so get ahead.

Join our courses and set yourself up to financially excel early on! #BankBlack

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