Student Body Presidents Talk About Racial Wealth Gap

Meet our Student Body Presidents of Howard (HBCU), Harvard, MIT, and Yale and hear their thoughts about how to combat financial inequality and encourage financial literacy in our community. The #RacialWealthGap between white and Black families has been a continuous issue, dating back centuries. We can do our part by voting to change public policy. And, since public policy moves slowly, let’s focus on the OneTransaction that will help create generational wealth, and close the wealth gap for our families!

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Thank You for 2022!

2022 was a year filled with blessings, progress, and innovation! We continue to break records to strengthen the BankBlack Movement and close the racial wealth gap!

Thank you for 2021.
OneUnited Bank Videos

Thank You for 2021!

2021, a year of rebirth, growth, and creation! We had another year of incredible growth and excitement – from our OneTransaction Virtual Conference to launching our Greenwood Visa Debit Card and much more – because of you, our amazing community!

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Financial Literacy

Student Body Presidents Talk About #OneTransaction

Introducing our Student Body Presidents of Howard (HBCU), Harvard, MIT, and Yale, who display the knowledge and leadership we need to succeed when all odds are stacked against us! Learn how they’re starting their #OneTransaction early to gain a financial advantage.

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