Generational Foundation: A Financial Guide for Parents

A child is enthusiastically depositing coins into a pink piggy bank, fostering the concept of generational wealth.


The blog article provides a comprehensive guide for parents to lay a strong financial foundation for their children, emphasizing the importance of financial literacy in building generational wealth. It covers practical steps for instilling money management skills at home, the benefits of early budgeting and savings, and the value of transparent discussions about finances. Additionally, the article discusses fostering an entrepreneurial spirit through storytelling and hands-on experiences and outlines tangible investment strategies like 529 College Savings Plans and Roth IRAs for kids. The overarching theme encourages actionable measures for financial stability and growth to benefit future generations.

In the interest of love and legacy, parents should establish a robust foundation of financial literacy to harmonize with wise money moves and generational wealth. Join us and take actionable steps toward securing your family’s financial future.

Through building positive financial habits and encouraging entrepreneurship in our children, we help the next generation build the right skill sets for economic ambition and financial navigation.

By setting up the right early investments, we make sure that no matter how unpredictable the future is, our children have a cushion of certainty to pursue life goals like education or retirement.

Money Lessons At Home

Start Early – Introduce money as a concept so your little ones can understand commerce and money management.

Through role playing games, like owning a bakery, your children can start to understand how money is used practically. Through board games like Monopoly and PayDay, young kids can learn the concepts of investing, mortgages, bills, and loan payments.

Practical BudgetingBudgeting best practices can be incorporated in small cases, like sharing your approach to your monthly grocery budget.

Other budgets can be more complex and require your kid to understand how to responsibly manage their allowance. Have them try the spend, save, share method to financially plan a friend outing to the movies to get the hang of it.

Savings Jars – Introduce the concept of saving early! While it may seem traditional, savings jars remain an effective method.

Mimic savings accounts by labeling each with goals or purposes like “Holiday Gifts,” “New Shoes,” or “Rainy Day.”

Allowance Management – Provide a regular allowance, however small, to mimic income and encourage your child to manage it independently.

Just like with budgeting and roleplaying, they will need to go through the motions of separating their money, saving for the future, and understanding the consequences of impulsive spending.

Open Communication – Taboos around money perpetuate a lack of understanding about how money works. Wealthy families consistently discuss money matters.

Foster an open dialogue and answer questions honestly about your family’s financial goals and budgeting. Transparency helps build trust and healthy money minded discussions, preparing them for when they become adults.

A man and a boy working together to build generational wealth by putting money into a jar.

Family Entrepreneurship

Storytelling Matters – Legacy is seen as one of the most powerful storytelling elements. Why? Simply put, it comes down to representation. By telling stories about the industrious history of your family, you instill pride in your young ones.

Once your kids hear of the challenges and hard work their family put into succeeding, they start to embody their ancestors. Wearing family history proudly on their chest, they bring the power of the past with them into their future ventures.

Our President and COO, Teri Williams, channels legacy by honoring her grandmother, Honey Ma!

Hands-on Experiences – There is no better time to learn the values of entrepreneurship. Setting up a simple lemonade stand or participating in local craft fairs not only teaches your kids about earning money, but also instills a sense of responsibility and creativity.

Elevate their sense of ownership by putting agency in their hands and supporting their initial business adventures.

A young boy in a tuxedo sitting at a lemonade stand, learning about entrepreneurialism and experiencing the potential for generational wealth.

Tangible Investments

529 College Savings Plan – One of the greatest factors in shaping your future is access to quality education. Across the spectrum of education, the costs are intimidating. Start saving and investing in your child’s education by setting up a 529 College Savings Plan as early as possible!

This kind of account allows you to do two things: grow your savings in an investment vehicle tax-deferred and withdraw funds tax-free for qualified education expenses.

Getting a head start on this account can help you offset any potential, natural market losses and potential compounding growth over time.

Roth IRA for Kids – Yes, you can start a Roth IRA for your kid! If they are 17 or younger and pay tax on their income, they are eligible. This tax-advantaged account can give your child a head start on retirement savings.

Explain the importance of this account and how compound interest can lead to significant gains over time. Contributions are the same as Roth IRAs for adults with a maximum of $7,000 annually as of 2024.

In the tapestry of familial ties, the threads of financial knowledge weave a legacy that transcends generations. The actions we take today reverberate through time, shaping the financial prowess of our children.

By instilling positive money habits, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, and making strategic investments early on, we empower the next generation to navigate financial complexities. It’s our turn to make #GenerationalWealth work in our family’s favor!

OneUnited Bank is not a financial advisor and recommends you discuss with your family and a financial advisor.

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