Life After Debt: Your Next 5 Money Moves

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Congratulations! You’ve crossed the finish line and become debt-free. Now, it’s time to get intentional. On what? Your continued financial freedom, of course!

After this monumental achievement, start by being proud of your hard work and discipline. Now that you’re liberated, you can take charge of your financial future with these 5 key strategies to make the most of your debt-free status.

Step 1: Build Your Emergency Fund

Start by setting aside a portion of your income each month to create an emergency fund. Aim to save at least three to six months’ worth of living expenses. This safety net will ensure you’re prepared for unexpected financial challenges.

Unexpected emergencies can be just around the corner. Stay ready with a OneUnited BankBlack savings account, and turn on AutoSave to round up your change and save even more!

Step 2: Focus on Your Retirement Accounts

Maximize your contributions to retirement accounts like your 401(k) or IRA (Traditional or Roth).

Take control of your newfound financial flexibility and build a solid retirement cushion. Check out more tips on how to get retirement ready! Consider consulting a financial coach to help you make informed investment decisions.

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Step 3: Organize and Budget Your Financial Life

Create a comprehensive financial plan that outlines your monthly income and expenses. With OneUnited Bank, you have a few options:
1. Take control of your financial wellness with our newly launched WiseOne® Insights to get personalized, confidential insights on your spending habits, then receive guidance on creating a financial plan, reaching savings goals, and even reminders for bill payments so you’re never behind.
2. Utilize our Money Management platform for quick, convenient money management in one place.

These tools will help you track your spending, save more, and invest wisely. Start making better financial decisions today!

Step 4: Review and Update Your Insurance

Now that you’re debt-free, assess your insurance needs. During periods of debt, insurance often falls by the wayside. Review your health, auto, home, and life insurance policies to ensure they provide adequate coverage for your current situation. Make any necessary adjustments.

For more on the answers to insurance, our OneTransaction to Build Generational Wealth – Insurance blog has you covered. Get back on track, get started, and get insured!

Step 5: Treat Yourself

You’ve worked hard, so don’t forget to reward yourself! Set aside a portion of your budget for enjoyable experiences or purchases. Treating yourself responsibly can help you stay motivated and maintain a healthy financial mindset.

When you swipe your debit card, you receive redeemable points and unlock cash prizes, luxury getaways & merchandise with BankBlack Advantage.

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Becoming debt-free is a remarkable milestone. With these steps, you can ensure your financial future is off to a good start. Establishing an emergency fund, growing your retirement savings, organizing your finances, securing insurance, and indulging in well-deserved rewards are all essential components of your post-debt journey.

Remember, financial freedom is an ongoing process. Continue to educate yourself on how to get #FinanciallyLIT. Enjoy the journey and stay focused on building your generational wealth! #JoinTheMovement

OneUnited Bank is not a financial advisor and recommends you discuss with your family and a financial advisor. All services are not offered by OneUnited Bank.

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