7 Finance Books That Will Shift Your Money Outlook

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Discover seven transformative finance books in our latest blog, offering practical insights and strategies for financial empowerment. From Mehrsa Baradaran's exploration of Black banks in "The Color of Money" to Michelle Singletary's guide to financial peace in "The 21-Day Financial Fast," these books cover diverse aspects of personal finance. Explore historical lessons, modern strategies, and effective communication about money, then take your money management skills to the next level with our recommended podcast, OneTransaction.

This year, we’re filling our minds with the words and advice of the BEST that personal finance has to offer. Dive into these practical insights, visual guides, and transformative challenges to shape your path to financial empowerment!

A cover of a book titled "the color of money: black banks and the racial wealth gap" by mehrsa baradaran.

Baradaran, Mehrsa. The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap. First Harvard University Press paperback edition., The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2019. https://catalog.oslri.net/Record/828130?searchId=4063758&recordIndex=4&page=1

The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap

Mehrsa Baradaran takes us on a captivating financial journey in The Color of Money. Baradaran navigates the landscape of Black banks, highlighting their crucial role in sculpting a path to overcome the racial wealth gap. Extending beyond Black banking and zooming out to assess the systems that perpetuate the impoverishment of Black communities, Baradaran presents necessary arguments for system reform. Wealth, poverty, and the roadmap to financial empowerment come to life in her call to revolutionize financial norms. Grab your copy – this book is the game-changer your financial journey needs!

Money Talks: The Ultimate Couple’s Guide to Communicating about Money

Couples can use Money Talks to maximize their partnership and build generational wealth. Talaat and Tai McNeely’s insightful guide not only opens up vital lines of communication between spouses, but also unveils the secrets to achieving financial alignment as a couple. If you’re exhausted from constant money-related conflicts, burdened by financial stress, or yearning for unity in your finances, it’s time to take a transformative step with your spouse. Each chapter concludes with specific talking points designed to facilitate meaningful discussions and strengthen your financial bond – get ready to make #MoneyMoves!

A book cover titled "the black girl's guide to financial freedom" featuring a profile of a woman with styled hair and a dollar sign earring.

Woods, Paris. The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom: Build Wealth, Retire Early, and Live the Life of Your Dreams. [Publisher not identified], 2021. https://catalog.oslri.net/Record/894118

The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom

Say goodbye to financial frustration and hello to wealth with The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom by Paris Woods. Paris offers a refreshing approach to wealth-building, shining light on unconventional paths. Through real-life tales and actionable advice, this guide is your ticket to financial empowerment. Whether you’re a rising professional or young woman, this guide is perfect for queens of any age ready to rewrite the rules and reach financial freedom.

The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black in America

In The Black Tax, Shawn Rochester explores the financial toll of anti-black discrimination on Black American households. Rochester unveils the staggering impact of both current and historical discrimination, shedding light on the reasons behind glaring wealth gaps. This transformative book not only exposes the immense challenges but also provides a practical approach for eliminating this “tax,” creating a roadmap towards economic empowerment, and fostering the growth of businesses. ‘The Black Tax’ encourages readers to reconsider their spending and investments in order to impact job creation and business development in Black America. That’s the Black dollar directly combatting the Black tax!

Book cover titled "how to money: your ultimate visual guide to the basics of finance" with icons related to education and money management.

Chatzky, Jean Sherman, Kathryn Tuggle, and Nina Cosford. How to Money: Your Ultimate Visual Guide to the Basics of Finance. First edition., Roaring Brook Press, 2022. https://catalog.oslri.net/Record/888337?searchId=8707643&recordIndex=1&page=1&referred=resultIndex

How to Money: Your Ultimate Visual Guide to the Basics of Finance

Unlock the secrets to financial empowerment with the comprehensive guide, How to Money, by New York Times bestselling author Jean Chatzky, Kathryn Tuggle, and the HerMoney team. Perfect for communicating the often intimidating topic of personal finance, this colorful work functions as a marvelous go-to manual for navigating life’s financial maze. From designing budgets to acing your first job, dodging student debt to becoming an investment pro, How to Money is a perfect gift for graduates and those ready to take charge of their financial destiny!

From Burning to Blueprint: Rebuilding Black Wall Street After a Century of Silence

In 1921, Tulsa was ravaged and the success story of Black wealth was lost to the annals of history. Over 100 years later, we have reignited the flame of building generational wealth in the New Black Wall Street. More than a historical account, From Burning to Blueprint serves as a guide for Black families to resurrect Black Wall Street in the 21st century. From one of the darkest chapters in American history, Kevin Matthews II reveals how the formula from Tulsa has been amplified and is alive today. In this clear call to action, the past shows us how to build resilient and empowering paths for defending our future.

A woman in a pink suit features on the cover of a book titled "the 21 day financial fast" by michelle singletary.

Singletary, Michelle. The 21-day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom. Updated and expanded edition., Zondervan, 2013. https://catalog.oslri.net/Record/649101

The 21-Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom

Escape the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and embark on a transformative journey toward financial peace with Michelle Singletary’s The 21-Day Financial Fast. Award-winning writer and Washington Post columnist, Singletary presents a practical, well-tested challenge: for twenty one days, put that credit card down and focus explicitly on essentials. Through her guide, break bad spending habits, become debt-free with the Debt Dash Plan, navigate college expenses wisely, prepare for long-term care, and build a Life Happens Fund for any contingency. It’s time to redefine wealth and break the cycle!

Shape Your Money Management

With this assortment of leading financial guides, you can take your money management to the next level through different habits, strategies, and mindsets.

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