Black Genius at the Forefront

Are you hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccine? No worries…#BlackGirlMagic got this!

For Black America, trusting the federal government has been a difficult process. Dating back to slavery in the 17th/18th century and the infamous Tuskegee Experiment, “trusting” has been a fool’s errand, resulting in vaccine hesitancy today.

Yet, we proceed to make progress, showcasing #BlackExcellence in the sciences through our intelligence, creativity, and innovation! We continue to enhance the world around us for the greater good.

Dr. Fauci has unwaveringly acknowledged, Dr. Kizzmekia “Kizzy'” Corbett, an African American scientist at the forefront of the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Corbett is a 35-year-old immunologist who is proving that there isn’t a task too intimidating for a Black woman to overcome. Embodying a modern day role model for young Black scientists, Dr. Corbett aims to be the face of social progression in a field that is often discriminatory towards the Black community.

In a year fraught with social upheaval and political uncertainty, she owns her accomplishments and her work towards healing our community. By putting in the effort to rebuild trust and, most importantly, protect lives from the Coronavirus, Dr. Corbett demonstrates #BlackGirlMagic.

The advancement of medicine and science would not be where it is today without the effort and dedication of past and present Black medical professionals. From the likes of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams – the first surgeon to perform open-heart surgery on a human, who also pioneered the first interracial hospital and training school – to Dr. Ellamae Simmons – the first Black woman physician to specialize in asthma, allergy, and immunology in the country. Trailblazing medical professionals welcome Dr. Corbett to their ranks in Black History, a dynasty of accomplished leaders and community servants.

With disproportionate rates of COVID-19 illnesses and deaths concentrated in the Black community, developments in policy and medical advancement are critical for our health and economic wealth. Rest assured that past and future #BlackExcellence are hard at work so we can adjust to our new normal. These pioneers have bestowed incredible innovations and continue to push the boundaries for our youth to follow in their footsteps.

Our resilience in breaking down the stereotypes that were laid upon us has allowed us to achieve what some would have never envisioned. The power of our Blackness is contagious, heroic, and herculean. Everywhere we turn this Black History Month we see our community demonstrating resilience and a shared responsibility.

From innovating science to protect our health to focusing on #OneTransaction to close the racial wealth gap in 2021, we will accomplish GREAT THINGS!

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