OneUnited Bank | 2020 Matters: #reclaimyourvote

Each of us has the power to make a difference in 2020 through our vote, the census and our activism! You hold the power…use it! #ReclaimYourVote

YOUR VOTE MATTERS! According to the Pew Research Center, Black voter turnout declined in 2016 for the first time in 20 years to 60% after reaching a historic high of 67% in 2012. Make sure you register to vote and plan HOW you will vote (in person, mail in, etc.). Your vote matters!

The NAACP recently launched its “Black Voices Change Lives” civic engagement campaign to recruit volunteers to mobilize infrequent Black voters to turn out in November. The campaign includes a multi-media advertising blitz in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to recruit volunteers and increase Black turnout by more than 5% compared to 2016. To volunteer with the NAACP, click HERE. To sign up for #ReclaimYourVote, click HERE.

YOUR CENSUS MATTERS! The power of the 2020 Census cannot be underestimated. The Census is a once in a decade count of every household, which is the backbone of how power is allocated in America. For instance, Census population counts are used to determine how many of the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives each state receives and how $590 billion of government spending is allocated. Your completion of the 2020 Census matters!

The National Urban League is sounding the alarm that there are low response rates to the 2020 Census across heavily populated Black communities both urban and rural. Completing the 2020 Census is one way you can bring more resources and power to your community. To complete the Census, click HERE.

YOUR ACTIVISM MATTERS! There continue to be protests in the street for #BlackLivesMatter. There’s also other ways you can support social justice movements including voting, completing the 2020 Census, supporting Black-owned businesses, giving and volunteering for organizations that support Black communities and joining the #BankBlack and #BuyBlack Movement!

The 2020 Census and election are pivotal moments for our communities — and both will have lasting effects for generations to come.It’s on us to use our power by voting, completing the 2020 Census and using our most powerful platforms to raise awareness and inspire engagement! #ReclaimYourVote #BankBlack #BlackExcellence

OneUnited Bank

Our community’s dream is now a reality! OneUnited Bank is fulfilling the hundred year old civil rights dream by garnering the savings power of our communities and channeling it back into urban communities for economic development. With your support by simply opening an FDIC insured account with great rates, we will continue to accomplish this dream everyday!

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