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The holidays are right around the corner, and you have yet to even start your purchase list. No worries, we provide tricks and tips to get you up to speed on how to #BuyBlack for your family, loved ones and friends. Let’s get into it!

Where to Start

It’s always best to start your shopping with a clear budget as tool to keep you from over-spending. Luckily, we have fantastic resources such as Money Management to help you create a budget specifically for holiday shopping.

We Buy Black is the best place to start finding affordable products for seasonal gift giving. Check out their Mystery Box full of Black-owned products. Each box’s contents come from handpicked vendors, consisting of their most highly rated items in hot demand. What a great deal!

Tips & Tricks

  • Start early – The best deals don’t arrive in the last minute! Quite the opposite, last minute shopping can lead to buying at surge prices. Start early to avoid the stress of paying more for your gifts.
  • Buy in bulk – The Budgetnisa went on Good Morning America to give us all a quick update on which products are the best to bulk up on. Cereal, milk, pet supplies and pet supplies are some of her key takeaways. There are several dinners around the corner so check out the rest of her budget friendly tips here.
  • Track price changes – If you are shopping through certain online retailers, you can set up a tracker through websites like Keepa so that you are notified if there is a change in price for a specific item. Also, we suggest the Honey, which compares prices from a bunch of retailers and allows you to create a list of items set with automatic notifications if their prices drop.

Don’t forget local!

Technologies such as tagging in Google Maps have led to surges in online searches for Black-owned businesses and visits to local locations. Leverage these tools to find Black businesses near you and circulate your dollars in our community. This can also be a good way to avoid and save on shipping costs!

Savings Account

Lastly, check out our savings accounts as other helpful tools to stash money away. Whether for goals, gifts, or trips, it helps to intentionally separate your money into different accounts. Throughout the year stash money away in your savings account until you need it. This is a great way to avoid using credit cards during your holidays shopping and helps you stick to your budget!

Have fun and good luck with your shopping this holiday season!

OneUnited Bank

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