With our savings accounts, you can actually save money!

UNITY® E-Gold Savings
Tiered interest rate.
UNITY® E-Style Savings
Free with direct deposit*.
UNITY® Savings
To avoid a monthly fee with a minimum balance.
UNITY Youth Savings
To obtain a free savings if you are 18 or younger.
UNITY Plus Savings
To avoid a monthly fee with a minimum balance.
Holiday Club Savings
To save regularly for the holidays or a vacation.


…and you get these benefits:

Free mobile banking, online banking, balance alerts
Branch staff our customers love!

For more information, see OneUnited Bank Truth In Savings Disclosures in our branches or our Online Truth in Savings Disclosures.


Account TypeMinimum Deposit to OpenMonthly Maintenance Service Charge Membership FeesMinimum Balance to Earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum Balance to Avoid Maintenance Services Charges
BankBlack Savings$50$5.00$200$200**
UNITY Youth Savings*$10N/A$10N/A
UNITY Savings$100$5.00$200$200
UNITY Plus Savings$100$5.00$100$400
UNITY Holiday Club Savings$10N/A$10N/A
UNITY E-Gold Savings$1,000$5.00$1,000$2,500

* Membership eligible accounts.

** No monthly maintenance service charge membership fee for any month you have a direct deposit.

See OneUnited Bank Truth in Savings Disclosures or our Online Truth in Savings Disclosures for more details.
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