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If they can win…so can your child!

Introducing our 11th Annual “I Got Bank!” Financial Literacy Contest. Your child can win $1,000 savings account at! To support you, we’re offering a free “I Got Bank” E-Book until June 30, 2021. Today is a great time to start building generational wealth for our children! To participate, simply visit!

Here are three of our 2020 winners (in alphabetical order) and their essays and art: Loren Herrell-Guy, 11, Chicago, Illinois, Olivia Hur, 12, La Crescenta-Montrose, California, Mariah Mack, 12, Grovetown, Georgia.

Loren Herrell-Guy

Loren Herrell-Guy, 11, Chicago, IL!

Loren Herrell-Guy, 11, Chicago, IL!

Financial literacy is the art and science of using better and efficient ways to using your money. Reading the book “I Got Bank” by Teri Williams allowed me to learn more about the life of earning money efficiently, and correct ways of saving money productively. For the book, I also learned that people would take other people’s money for their own good.

To use what I learned from the book to help my life I can:

  • Be careful with how I make use of my money
  • Save my earned money wisely
  • Not spend my money on things I don’t need
  • Split my money into reasonable percentages for saving & spending
  • Use different bank accounts to keep my money safe, earn interest, and for budgeting

Different savings accounts allow me to save for different things. Spending accounts allow me to keep money with a bank to spend on my needs.

People use money daily, but some people need lots of it in one moment. This is where people can use collateral. Collateral is something of value like a bank account or a house that can be used to repay a loan. Collateral is useful, but there are pros and cons. You can pay back the loan in equal divisions and keep your collateral. If I cannot pay back the loan, my collateral can be taken away by the bank.

In conclusion, your money-making life can be easy if you plan but hard if you don’t. So always make good money choices.

Olivia Hur

Olivia Hur, 12, La Crescenta-Montrose, CA!

Olivia Hur, 12, La Crescenta-Montrose, CA!

Hur Art
Mariah Mack

Mariah Mack, 12, Grovetown, GA!

Mariah Mack, 12, Grovetown, GA!

Mack Art

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