Secured Credit Card Blog


Public Records, Your Credit Score, and Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Misconceptions often arise when it comes to credit scores and credit access, especially as they relate to public records. As an example, public records may not affect your ability to get a secured credit card, however public records are included on your credit report and...


Why Change of Address Is Important

As anyone who has ever moved knows, it's important to update your address. You need your mail to come to the correct address, you want your bills to come to the correct place, and you may be legally required to update certain government entities. However,...


How to Avoid Bounced Checks and Overdraft Fees

Have you ever written a check or used a debit card and ended up with a bounced check fee? While bouncing a check can be embarrassing-and have nasty legal consequences-the resulting fees can be crippling. Not only may you end up having to pay a...


How Does a Secured Credit Card Compare to a Regular Credit Card?

When establishing or rebuilding credit, many are confused by the differences between secured and traditional credit cards. Even if you know the basic distinction between these cards, you likely have questions, like whether vendors will treat secured cards differently, whether these cards help or hurt...

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