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Get Your Financial House in Order

Get your Financial House in Order

October is #FinancialPlanningMonth! Now's the time to get your financial house in order and start fresh in 2021. Nobody expected Covid-19 in 2020. So, let's plan for the unexpected to be in a much better place next year. ...

OneUnited Blog | 6 Ways to Celebrate National Financial Awareness Day

6 Ways to Celebrate National Financial Awareness Day!

Did you know that August 14, 2020 is National Financial Awareness Day? Today, we’re all focused on our money, so everyday we’re financially aware. Yet, we can increase our awareness and better manage our money with simple money tools. Here are 6 suggestions: ...

Black Business Is Zooming | OneUnited Bank

Black Business is Zooming!

Despite the dire warnings of how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the Black community, Black business is zooming!...

Playing the Back Game | OneUnited Bank

Playing the Back Game To Win

If you're familiar with backgammon, you're familiar with the back game. The back game is not an intentional backgammon strategy, but a way to win when you're substantially behind in the race...

Time to Re-Evaluation My Relationship with Money | OneUnited Bank

Time to Re-evaluate My Relationship with Money

We're all experiencing many emotions during this Coronavirus pandemic, including anger. To get through this temporary difficult time – and yes, it will be temporary – we need a plan. Here are four things you can do right now...

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