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2017 I Got Bank Essay & Art Contest | OneUnited Bank

7th Annual “I Got Bank!” Essay And Art Contest For Youth

Join Us To Promote Financial Literacy For Youth! OneUnited Bank and BMe Community are sponsoring the seventh annual financial literacy contest for youth between the ages of 8 – 12 years old. Simply either write and submit a 250 word essay or create and submit an...

Madame C.J. Walker | OneUnited Bank

Innovators in Our Space: Madame CJ Walker

When we hear about the history of direct sales and self-made millionaires, we often hear stories of inspiring women like Mrs. Albee, the first Avon Lady, or Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics fame. There is another woman in Black history, however, whose amazing...

Cash vs Credit | OneUnited Bank

Cash vs. Credit: How to Be Savvy About Your Spending

Being money savvy isn't just about how much you make versus how much you save. It's also about how you manage that money. What does that mean?It means spending wisely and knowing when it's better to pay cash or to charge a purchase. Why does...

Certificate of Deposit blog image

How and Why a Certificate of Deposit Is a Sound Investment

The Certificate of Deposit, or CD, is a common way people save money while making money. You don’t need a trove of cash to open a CD, and with financial discipline, you can safely squirrel away whatever you do have for modest returns later. If...

Budgeting for best practices image

Best Practices in Setting and Sticking to a Budget

The idea of setting a budget makes many people cringe — it involves taking a look at your spending habits, seeing where you're wasting money, then creating a spending plan. Although none of these tasks are fun, they can pay dividends in a number of...

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