Switch Your Account to OneUnited Bank!

Switch Your Account to OneUnited Bank!

Switching is as easy as 1-2-3.

Whether opening a new account online, or walking into one of our 6 OneUnited Bank locations switching from another financial institution can be easy. We have an easy to-do list you can use to keep track of everything! Just click here to download it.

The Steps
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Step 1:

Setup Your OneUnited Account

Once you fund your new OneUnited Bank account you can setup things like direct deposit, bill pay, and much more.

You can easily fund your account during the new account application process using a Credit Card or account and routing number information. And there are easy and convenient ways for you to make deposits including remote deposit though our mobile app.


The easiest way to deposit your payroll or non-payroll deposits – including federal benefits – is through direct deposit and/or automatic deposit. If you’re switching from a different financial institution you can click here to update your direct deposit information. You can also check out these FAQ’s for more information on making deposits.

OneUnited Bank | Switch Step 2

Step 2:

Move Recurring Payments

Make sure any of your previous automatic payments are moved from your old bank to your new OneUnited account.

When switching from another bank, start by reviewing your old account statements and bill payment history online for any automatic withdrawals or payments like car payments, insurance or gym memberships.


Consider setting up payments through Online BillPay – the convenient way to set up multiple payments from your checking account. Click here for the OneUnited Bank BillPay demo and other online banking benefits and features.

OneUnited Bank | Switch Step 3

Step 3:

Close Out Your Old Account

Now that you’ve got all your transactions moved to your OneUnited account, it’s time to close out your old bank account.

Once all outstanding items such as scheduled payments, checks, debit card transactions, and automatic deposits have cleared, it’s time to close your old account and move your remaining balance over to OneUnited Bank.


You can easily move the rest of your funds by:

  • A balance transfer online through your previous online banking bill pay or you can use the OneUnited Bank Funds Transfer/Bank to Bank Transfer feature. This allows you to receive and send money with your OneUnited Bank account online.
  • By money order or personal check (payable to OneUnited Bank and mailed to: OneUnited Bank, Attn: Customer Support, 3683 Crenshaw Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016.

    IMPORTANT: Include your Name and Account Number in the memo line).

  • By wire (to OneUnited Bank, ABA Number: 011001276, Account Number, Attn: Customer Support).
  • In person by walking into a local OneUnited Bank branch with a money order, personal check or cash and your Account number.
  • You can also write a check to yourself and deposit it using the remote deposit capture feature in the OneUnited Bank Mobile Banking App.
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