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Remember to use the code “NABJ” when you apply for your #BankBlack Visa Debit card and we’ll contribute $50 to the National Association of Black Journalists*


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The Queen Visa Debit Card | OneUnited Bank
The King Visa Debit Card | OneUnited Bank
The Justice Visa Debit Card | OneUnited Bank
The Doonie Visa Debit Card | OneUnited Bank
The Lady Liberty Visa Debit Card | OneUnited Bank
The Amir Visa Debit Card | OneUnited Bank
The Mona Visa Debit Card | OneUnited Bank

We have unapologetically Black images on our Visa Debit Cards to #BankBlack and show the world that #BlackMoneyMatters.


We want you to feel like royalty when you get the card and use it each and every day to make purchases. Take pride in using the power of your purchases to represent, support, and uplift your community.

Strong, bold, and unapologetically Black…make a statement with every dollar you spend – or save – using your OneUnited Bank Visa Debit or ATM card.

#BankBlack with Pride

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Get the Card for Ease | OneUnited Bank

Whether it’s our top-rated mobile app (available for iOS and Android) or great features like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, mobile check depositing, or just finding a surcharge-free ATM or branch location, you can trust that we’ve got you covered with our free online banking and mobile banking services.

With just a few taps and clicks, you can quickly, safely, and easily manage your money when you bank with us.

#BankBlack with Mobile Banking

Get The Card with Purpose

Get the Card With Purpose | OneUnited Bank

We want you to feel the purpose of banking with OneUnited Bank. By joining the #BankBlack and #BuyBlack Movement, you are showing the world the power of our $1.2 trillion in annual spending.


We offer second chance checking for people with ChexSystems records and our UNITY Visa Secured Credit Card to help rebuild credit.


We also focus on financial literacy with our online Financial Education Center and our annual youth I Got Bank Financial Literacy & Art Contest.

Together, we can bring Black Wall Street back.

#BuyBlack with Purpose

*For NABJ to qualify for a cash reward, you must: (i) not be a current OneUnited Bank customer; (ii) use the Advocate Referral Code NABJ when applying for a OneUnited Bank deposit account; (iii) be approved for a OneUnited Bank deposit account; (iv) fund the OneUnited Bank primary deposit account; and (v) activate a OneUnited Bank Visa debit or ATM card or open a Certificate of Deposit. This NABJ cash reward offer expires 9/30/19. Cash rewards will be paid to NABJ by 12/31/19 and are subject to IRS 1099 reporting.