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For National Financial Literacy Month, we’re proud to announce our 11th Annual “I Got Bank!” Financial Literacy Contest where ten children will win a $1,000 savings account. To support families who are home schooling their children due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re offering a free “I Got Bank” E-Book until June 30, 2021. To participate, simply visit qqq.oneunited.com/book!

Here are three of our 2020 winners (in alphabetical order) and their essays and art: Amina Anyabwele, 9, Miramar, FL William Cum Jr., 8, Pompano Beach, FL, and Morgan Hardwick, 12, Washington, DC.

Amina Anyabwele

Amina Anyabwele, 9, Miramar, FL!

Amina Anyabwele, 9, Miramar, FL!

For my 9th birthday, I want to start my own business called “Mimi’s Lil’ Fancy Face”. My mom was excited and willing to help. However, my dad said, “not so fast”, and suggested that I read “I Got Bank”, a book about a little boy saving and earning money from a car wash business that his friend’s family owned. I was not happy about reading it before I started the business, but I learned a lot from the book.

I learned that I should know how to save, make, and keep money just like Jazz Ellington. I also learned that I should talk to a trustworthy elder that knows lots about money, like Jazz talked to and wrote letters to his granddad. I learned that I should start my own business to earn more money and use it wisely, so I do not spend it on things I do not really want or need.

In the book, Jazz wrote many letters to his grandfather. He explained that he needed help with saving his money and keeping it from his desperate family that wanted a car loan, concert tickets and a new car that his brother wanted. In one of his letters, Jazz explained that he needed help with his family, and that even though he was the youngest, he was the only one that believed his granddad. Eventually Jazz saved tons of money from the car wash and gave it to his family.

Even though Jazz earned enough money for all his family’s wants and needs, little did he know his sister did not wait. She used Quick Check Cashers and bought concert tickets before she had enough money. Instead of paying $150, she had to pay $750! I learned a lot from that. I learned that I need to save money and wait so, I do not use unnecessary money lenders like Quick Check Cashers. His brother did not wait either and his car got robbed! I learned that I should pay for something with the exact money it costs and not use a penny more than that.

I will admit that even though I did not initially want to read the book because I thought I was ready to start my business, it taught me many things about money and business. For example, I know now that you should save money for things that you need, wait until you have enough money to buy something, ask a trustworthy elder to help you with money, and use your own money instead of using tricky money lenders, like Quick Check Cashers. My dad gave me the book to help with my business, and it did! Now I am ready to start my business, “Mimi’s Lil’ Fancy Face”!

William Cum Jr

William Cum Jr., 8, Pompano Beach, FL!

William Cum Jr., 8, Pompano Beach, FL!

My name is William Cum, Jr. I am 8 years old, and I am going into the 3rd grade. I read I Got Bank and learned a lot about saving money.

I earn money from doing jobs around the house like taking out the trash and picking up palm fronds in the yard. I also make money doing jobs for my neighbors. I can save for college and maybe buy a car, but I need to learn how to save money. I will save the money I earn and put it in the bank so it will grow like a flower. Saving money is good. I need 3 jars. I write on the sticker SAVINGS. Another sticker for NEEDS on the second jar. On the last jar, I write WANTS.

These three jars represent spending money for what I need, and for what I want. The last jar is for saving money that will go into my bank account. I do not take the savings out of the bank because that way I won’t spend it. The money will grow so I can buy a house when I grow up.

I can use the money in the NEEDS jar for things like batteries for my remote-control truck. The jar for WANTS, I keep adding money to that jar for something that I want like games for my Nintendo Switch. I Got Bank is a good book because it was fun to read, and I learned it’s good saving money.

Morgan Hardwick

Morgan Hardwick, 12, Washington, DC.

Morgan Hardwick, 12, Washington, DC.

Morgan's Art

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