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In case you missed our #BankBlack Live event where we answered your questions about OneUnited Bank and the #BankBlack Movement, we will be answering your questions in a series of blog articles. The first of the Q&A series is here. The second is here.

Here is the third of the Q&A series.

#1. I’m a new member and I need to know how I deposit money if I don’t have direct deposit set up.

There are many ways you can deposit money in OneUnited Bank that are all available on our mobile app or through online banking. You can take a picture of a check, deposit in one of our 100,000+ surcharge-free ATMs (find the ATM nearest you by clicking on Locations in our app) or transfer money from another bank (click on Add Money, then Transfer Money in online banking). You can also set up direct deposit of your payroll and recurring benefits.

#2. I chose to bank with you even though I live in a city without your local branches. I imagine there are others. Have you considered offering checking accounts options where ATM fees are reimbursed similar to other online banks?

We have the nation’s largest surcharge-free ATM network. We now have over 100,000+ ATM locations with easy access to your leading neighborhood retailers and Chase Bank branch and Citibank branch ATMs. To find the ATM nearest you, click on Locations in our mobile app or check the Locations page on our website. You can also get cash back from retailers such as grocery stores or drug stores that offer the option when you make a purchase. We work hard to keep our fees low and our deposit rates high by controlling our expenses, and therefore we do not reimburse for ATM fees.

#3. Do you have plans of upping the daily ATM withdrawal limit? Another bank allows up to $3000 of my balance available for withdrawal? I recently tried to withdraw money to pay a bill and was unable to because of this rule.

Due to customer feedback, we have increased our ATM withdrawal limit from $500-$1,000. We understand that some customers would like an even higher limit, however we have to maintain a reasonable limit for security reasons.

#4. Any chance of you allowing out-of-state business accounts? There are a lot of Black owned businesses that would love to send their revenue through your bank.

We do not currently have a way to verify business accounts online in a secure and convenient manner. We will continue to explore new solutions. We appreciate your patience.

#5. Have you ever reached out to Black Lives Matter and issued a national call to action (#BankBlack) for justice?

Yes. As the largest Black owned bank in the country, we created a historic partnership between OneUnited Bank and #BlackLivesMatter to organize the $1.2 trillion in spending power of Black people and launch the “Amir” Visa Debit card. Everyone who receives the Amir Visa debit card will receive communication on how to support and contribute to #BlackLivesMatter. We have other initiatives with BLM that are in the works.

#6. Are you open to actively promoting #BankBlack with Citizens Trust Bank (Atlanta), Industrial Bank (DC), Unity National Bank (Houston) and Mechanics and Farmers Bank in NC?

Yes! We encourage everyone to move our money to Black owned banks and move our minds to practice collective economics. You can #BankBlack with any Black bank.

We work closely with other Black owned banks as members of the National Bankers Association. We meet multiple times per year and share information and advocate for policies to support Black banks and the Black community. We also participate in joint marketing efforts.

Stay tuned for more blog articles where we will answer more of your questions. Hope this has been helpful!

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OneUnited Bank, the nation’s largest Black-owned bank and FDIC insured, understands we have to focus on money and technology to close the racial wealth gap. With your support, by simply opening and actively using a OneUnited Bank account, we will continue to accomplish our mission!


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