Power to Your Vote!

A person putting a vote into a voting box.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, voting is our ability to shape the future of our nation. Recent events, such as the overturn of Roe v Wade and the elimination of affirmative action, highlight the urgency of our voices at the polls.

Whether it’s at the state or the federal level, you can boldly assert your vote as your voice. It’s time to get up, get informed, and get to the polls. Especially with upcoming municipal elections on November 7th. Let’s reclaim our future and steer it towards our vision of America!

Driving Community Change 

Imagine improving your daily life with a single action: your vote!

Each vote counts towards shaping the reality of neighborhoods, our schools, our access to public services, and much more. By participating in elections, you become a part of the solution. You have a direct ability to shape the direction your community takes.

People line up to vote at a polling station.

Registering to Vote: A Simple Yet Vital Step

Getting registered can feel like a daunting first step. Don’t worry, USAGov makes it easy to check if you are registered, update your information, and navigate deadlines. Learn how, where, and when to vote!

You can register online, by mail, or in person. Make sure that you check the details of who is eligible to vote by mail, otherwise known as absentee voting. Rules and deadlines vary state by state. 
There is no better time than “as soon as possible” to get registered to vote.
Voting is always in season! Why is that? Well, many people think voting happens just for the presidential election, but voting happens regularly for your federal, state, and local representatives.

Tapping into Young Voices

Young generations have recently sparked some of the greatest protests, campaigns, and movements of all time. Our networks hold the key to spreading awareness and making sure our peers show up in numbers at the polls on election day! 

Use your platforms and your social presence to discuss issues you care about that are up for election. Encourage your network to register, stay up-to-date, and participate! 

A person waving an american flag.

Stay Informed and Intentional 

Once Voting Day ends, you are now civically engaged. Keep it up! Inspire future voters by staying informed, following candidates, and supporting those who align with your values. Join local organizations, attend community meetings, and make your voice heard.

Choose your America. Lift your vote high. Boldy shape the future. After all, it is our right to vote!

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