Celebrate Juneteenth: OneUnited Bank Introduces OneLove Card TV Campaign

Four people are smiling at the camera, with one person holding a red Visa card showing a heart image. It's an image of the new OneUnited OneLove Debit Card.


In honor of Juneteenth, OneUnited Bank proudly introduces the OneLove™ Card TV campaign. This campaign embodies the Bank's commitment to love, belonging, and freedom. Featuring a lively brunch at Pips on La Brea, the commercial showcases diverse friends enjoying the benefits of the OneLove Visa debit card. The campaign highlights OneUnited's financial rewards, including WiseOne Insights for personalized financial advice, Early Pay to receive your paycheck early, and our CashPlease program for enhanced financial access. The OneLove Card, designed by muralist Addonis Parker, emphasizes OneUnited Bank’s commitment to inclusion and justice, while welcoming readers to celebrate Juneteenth and the importance of freedom.

In honor of Juneteenth—the federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States—OneUnited Bank proudly unveils the OneLove™ Card TV commercial campaign, which symbolizes the Bank’s unwavering commitment to love, belonging, and freedom.

Many Americans are unclear about the true meaning of Juneteenth, often perceiving it as a holiday solely for Black Americans. Recognized as a federal holiday on June 17, 2021, Juneteenth commemorates one of our nation’s most pivotal decisions: the emancipation of enslaved people. This decision significantly shaped America’s social and economic landscape, contributing to its status as a global leader.

The TV campaign features diverse friends at a lively brunch discussing the perks of the OneLove Visa® debit card at Pips on La Brea, a Black-owned jazz club and restaurant in Los Angeles. By highlighting the diversity of friendships and the financial benefits provided by OneUnited Bank, including the AI-driven WiseOne® Insights for financial literacy, the campaign emphasizes the profound advantages of freedom.

Debit card with a blue hand heart design against a red background. The card is labeled "OneUnited Bank" and "OneUnited OneLove" with Visa logo at the bottom.

Teri Williams, President & COO of OneUnited Bank, underscores the significance of this campaign: “We are so proud to release our OneLove TV advertising campaign and the beautifully designed card, crafted by internationally acclaimed muralist, Addonis Parker, which we believe celebrates freedom and transcends race, religion and nationality. Love and belonging are what connect and strengthen us. Juneteenth reminds us of the power of freedom, the importance of financial literacy and that we’re stronger, together, as a community.”

To join this transformative movement and learn more about OneUnited Bank’s benefits, community programs, and educational initiatives, visit www.oneunited.com/onelove. Happy Juneteenth!

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