Introducing WiseOne Insights, Our Revolutionary AI-Driven Financial Wellness Companion

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As the nation’s largest Black-owned bank, we’re proud to unveil WiseOne® Insights, our revolutionary AI-driven financial wellness companion to help elevate your finances and build generational wealth. Our new WiseOne Insights is the first artificial intelligence solution offered by a Black-owned bank.

“As a financial wellness companion, WiseOne Insights can literally help you make better financial decisions”, states Kevin Cohee, OneUnited Bank Chairman & CEO

Studies consistently show that financial stress can affect both your work and personal life. WiseOne Insights utilizes artificial intelligence to provide real-time, personalized guidance to help you make better financial choices and reduce your financial stress.

As a financial wellness companion, WiseOne provides actionable insights that adhere to three principles:

  • Insights that Guide, such as our ‘Save Enough to Live On’ plan.
  • Insights that Inform, such our ‘Debt Payoff Strategy’ plan.
  • Insights that Protect, such as our ‘New Fee Detected’ alert.

WiseOne Insights is better than conventional banking solutions. By providing actionable insights, WiseOne empowers you to make well-informed financial decisions, thereby laying the foundation to build generational wealth.

Introducing Our Newly Designed Website to Improve Your Financial Wellness

Combined with our new WiseOne Insights, we’re proud to launch an extensive upgrade of our website to focus on your financial wellness.

Our new state-of-the-art website has four sections that make it more user friendly:

  • Financial Wellness – to improve your financial well-being through actionable insights, powerful videos, financial literacy modules, and more.
  • Digital Banking – to provide you with access to TheOne® Digital Banking Solution including 2-day early pay, short-term loans with no credit check, and more!
  • Our Story – to share the history of OneUnited Bank and our community impact so you can share with family and friends.
  • Support – to answer your frequently asked questions (FAQs), help you locate a nearby ATM from our 100,000+ surcharge free ATM locations, and more.
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Building on our history of activism and technological innovation, our launch of WiseOne Insights and updated website reaffirm our commitment to both elevate financial literacy as a core societal value and leverage technology to close the racial wealth gap.

For current customers, you can find WiseOne Insights in online/mobile banking. Simply watch our video “How to Elevate Your Finances with WiseOne Insights”.

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