Introducing the OneTransaction Podcast

Introducing the one-transaction podcast.

For Black History Month, OneUnited Bank, the largest Black owned bank in the country, is proud to introduce the OneTransaction Podcast to close the racial wealth gap. Whether you’re commuting to work, taking a walk, or simply relaxing at home, the free OneTransaction Podcast will take you on an audio financial journey to increase your net worth that is insightful and surprisingly fun!

The podcast provides hidden gems from Black financial experts covering savings and investments, home ownership, a profitable business, a will, life insurance and an improved credit score. Remember, one strategic transaction can change your life!

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Hosted by Kevin Cohee, Chairman and CEO, the OneTransaction Podcast kicks off with gems from the OneTransaction Conference held on Juneteenth 2021. Hear from expert presenters in business and personal finance including Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista and award winning financial education teacher, Professor Mehrsa Baradaran, author of “The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap”, Chris Browning, podcast host and producer of the award-winning Popcorn Finance, Sharon Epperson, Senior Personal Finance Correspondent for CNBC, Karen Hunter, host of the Karen Hunter Show on Sirius Urban View, Kemberley Washington, CPA and Tax Analyst with Forbes Advisor among others.

In 2022, America continues to recognize the impact of systemic racism, and the resulting racial wealth gap. According to Brookings, the net worth of a Black family is $17,150 compared to $171,000 for a white family. While public policy is critical to addressing the consequences of discrimination, public policy moves slowly. By focusing on one strategic transaction, we can create generational wealth for our families today.

Simply stated:

  1. The racial wealth gap for each Black family can be closed by one strategic transaction. ONE!
  2. By encouraging the Black community to accomplish one strategic transaction, we can make financial literacy a core value of the Black community and create generational wealth.
  3. The OneTransaction Podcast provides hidden gems from Black financial experts that is surprisingly entertaining and available wherever you listen to podcast including Apple, Google, and Audible.

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