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Planning for the Big Stuff | OneUnited Bank

Go Big: Planning For the Big Stuff

If a big-ticket purchase is in your future, it's time to start putting money away today!While paying for items in cash is always your best bet, sometimes that's just not feasible. In these instances, the best thing is to start saving wisely so you can...

ICYMI: The Money On My Mind 2017 Panel

Money On My Mind is an immensely popular financial literacy forum featuring Hollywood's most powerful Black professionals who are impacting the bottom line in TV & film. Watch along as this year's panel share their perspective on careers "behind the camera", how to encourage long-term...

5 Ways to Stay Chill | OneUnited Bank

5 Ways to Stay Chill During Tax Season

Just thinking about tax season and the need to file your taxes is enough to send you over the edge. Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but you can use the following five tips to help you manage that stress and stay calm during...

Black Wall Street | OneUnited Bank

The History of Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street has a special place in American history as a platform that paved the way for Black communities and businesses to thrive. Not too long ago Black men and women were not allowed to own property. We faced violence and freedom restrictions, such...

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