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Black Crypto League

The Black Crypto League

It's time we built our own league, a space where we can recoup the generations of wealth lost to the hands of slavery, Jim Crow, unequal housing, and many more factors. We are building revolutionary ways of existing and excelling, from claiming our #OneTransaction to...

Inside OneTransaction 4

Inside The OneTransaction Conference 4

Michelle Singletary, Ross Mac, Sharon Epperson, and Lori Anne Douglass all stopped by our inaugural #OneTransaction Virtual Conference to drop some knowledge! Their continuous work to increase #FinancialLiteracy helps us close the #RacialWealthGap!You can check out their sessions HERE....


NFTs – Reclaiming Our Genius

In the past year there has been a massive rise in the popularity of NFTs. In March 2021, a Black digital creative named Vakseen sold a Micheal Jordan featured piece for 8 ETH, equivalent to about $16,800. However, NFTs are a very new type of...

Inside OneTransaction 3

Inside The OneTransaction Conference 3

All respected figures in their line of work; Daymond John, Calvin Martyr, Everett Sands, and Kemberly Washington have all continuously inspired our community to be great. Progressing in their businesses, careers, and brands, they are all examples that we too can make something of ourselves...

Black Allyship

Black Allyship

Allyship is like friendship. There are many ways to show #BlackLove and this is one of the most powerful, a demonstration of solidarity! Being an ally goes beyond words by leveraging our resources to take action on behalf of the community. Just as we support...


Juneteenth: Financial Freedom

As the largest Black owned bank and first Black digital bank in the country, we choose to define Juneteenth as a holiday to celebrate our history and build on our need for financial freedom today. Let's close the racial wealth gap by dispelling the myths...

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