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The Legacy of Redlining & How We Fight Back

Have you ever felt that lenders or real estate professionals are not providing full services to you or the Black community because of race? Your feeling or intuition may be due to redlining…and we need to fight back!...

Empowerment Network

Introducing the OneUnited Empowerment Network!

We're proud to offer the Empowerment Network — the nation's largest surcharge-free ATM network. We now have over 100,000 ATM locations with easy access at your leading neighborhood retailers, including Chase Bank and Citibank branch ATMs. More than any other bank in America!...


A Dream Worth Fighting For!

Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his iconic "I Have A Dream" speech nearly 60 years ago at the March on Washington for Jobs! OneUnited Bank is proud to be a part of a dream worth fighting for…a dream to inspire and build our community....

Benefits of OUB

10 Key Benefits of OneUnited Bank

When you #BankBlack, you recirculate dollars within our community, helping to build businesses, dreams, and opportunities. Here are 10 key benefits of why it pays to bank with OneUnited Bank....

Thank You for 2022!

2022 was a year filled with blessings, progress, and innovation! We continue to break records to strengthen the BankBlack Movement and close the racial wealth gap! ...

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