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4 Ways to Become a Leader in Your Community

We all love our communities, but even the best communities can use a little improvement now and then. What better way to bring new ideas to life than becoming a leader in your community and implementing them yourself? As a leader, you can motivate others...

Meet Justice | OneUnited Bank

Meet Justice

We are proud to introduce our new Justice Visa Debit and ATM Card!Many of you expressed the importance of reflecting the mosaic that represents the Black community. Many of us are immigrants from Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad and Barbados or new arrivals from the U.S. territory...

Celebrate Immigrants | OneUnited Bank Blog

We Celebrate Immigrants!

Today, we celebrate immigrants! As the largest Black-owned bank in America, we appreciate your journey and recognize your vast economic contributions to our country. And despite what we read in the press, America was always meant to be "a nation of immigrants."Many of us are...

Legacy of Dr King | OneUnited Bank

The Legacy of Dr. King and Unity Bank & Trust Lives On

Shortly after the death of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., 50 years ago, the predecessor of OneUnited Bank, Unity Bank and Trust Company, was founded in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Today, we are the largest Black owned bank and first Black internet bank in the country. In...

Serena's Advice on Fighting the Gender Pay Gap | OneUnited Bank

Serena’s Advice on Fighting the Gender Pay Gap

Chances are that you're aware of the gap in wages between men and women. On average, women who work full time receive only 80% of what men working full-time receive. This gap only gets larger for women of color, who receive only 63% of every...

Black Panther Empowerment | OneUnited Bank

How Black Panther Empowers Us with Natural Hair!

Like many of us who saw Black Panther last month, we are so proud of the film and its depiction of Black people. The strong Black male and female characters, the powerful use of African tribes and symbols, the "fight" between right vs wrong and...

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