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Financial Literacy Gap

7 Tips to Bridge the Financial Literacy Gap

HELLO, financial literacy has entered the chat! Let's educate to elevate. Here are 7 tips to build wealth and bridge the financial literacy gap between young and old and everyone in between. Let's go!...

8 Tips to Pay Off Student Loans

Believe it or not, there will come a day when your student loans will be paid off! With the right strategies and mindset, paying off your student loans will be a "fight", but is within reach!...

Black Mental Health

Let’s Talk About Black Mental Health

For Mental Health Awareness Month, let's focus on improving Black mental health. As the largest Black owned bank in the country, our hope in highlighting this topic is to further break the stigma and provide actionable steps to put better Black mental health into practice....


Why Refinance? 3 Refinancing Myths

Even with rising rates, there may still be a good reason to refinance. Don't get stuck in a bad mortgage. Join us as we debunk common myths and reveal the strengths of refinancing. Make #SmartMoneyMoves today!...

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