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Content Creator

Monetize This: How to Make It As a Content Creator

You've probably seen or heard about people making serious money as content creators and thought, "Hey, I could do that!" And the good news is you could. You could become a content creator today, but you should know all your options and what the path...


5 Ideas For Your Tax Refund

We're going to be real here: Who doesn't like getting a tax refund? Getting money back is a great feeling! Yet, getting money back and resisting the urge to use it all to "treat yo' self" is hard. So here are 5 ideas to "treat...


Be a Financial Goal Getter in 2022!

Congratulations, you have made it to another year! Join us as we speak this into existence: 2022 will be another year of change, growth, and triumph. Yes, with some North stars guiding us, we can get to where we want to go!...

Cyber Smart

6 Tips to be Cyber-Smart and Safe

Now, you shop, bank, and even pay bills by just using your cell phone and the internet. Yet, you need to be cyber-smart to protect the security of your personal information. Here are 6 simple tips!...


Celebrate Kwanzaa in 2021!

Let's celebrate Kwanzaa, a Pan-African holiday which celebrates Black family, community and culture. Let's focus on our collective resources to build the New Black Wall Street in 2022....

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