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Student Debt Cancelation

What’s the 411 on Student Debt Cancelation

Do you qualify for Student Loan Relief? Here we inform you of the requirements, review the process, and explain why this is significant for Black borrowers, particularly those who hold a Pell Grant....

411 on FedNow

The 411 on FedNow Instant Payments

With CashApp, Venmo, Zelle and PayPal, you can send money to friends and family around the clock in real time. In July 2023, the Federal Reserve will introduce FedNow, that will enable a similar service through banks....

Top Secret Answers

Why not? Top Secret Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions with top secret answers! Well, not really top secret, but difficult questions to answer in a quick sound bite or in "mixed company". Here we go! ...

Open a OneUnited Bank Business Bank Account

How to Open a OneUnited Bank Business Bank Account

We offer business bank accounts to businesses in our market areas of Boston, Los Angeles and Miami. New business banking customers must open their first account in person in one of our branches but can manage their account online once the account is opened....

Black & Green

Banking Black & Green

We're just here to keep it real… physical cash is D.I.R.T.Y., harboring up to 3,000 types of bacteria! Let's keep it clean and keep it digital, shall we?...

Rewards Suite

Introducing the OneUnited Rewards Suite!

We now offer a suite of rewards programs that will have you wondering why everyone doesn't BankBlack! We offer reward after reward after reward - three times the rewards - for a debit card! ...

If you're ready to #BankBlack with OneUnited Bank, then open an account today!

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