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Marketing Magic

Marketing Magic: 5 Ways to Fuel Your Business

Imagine you have it all in business: competitive products or services, top-of-the-line skills, and an unstoppable passion. Does anyone else know? That's where marketing comes in to help put you on the map....

Fee Divide

The Fee Divide: How To Keep Fees At Bay

A recent survey tells us if you are Black or Hispanic, you are more likely to pay higher monthly banking fees compared to white Americans. Explore ways to offset this fee divide with three key steps....

Seven Side Hustle

7 Side Hustles to Earn Cash in College

Discover 7 ways you can make money as a college student. From flexible gigs to entrepreneurial ventures that tap into your skills and passions, these opportunities will help you make the most of your school semester while boosting your bank account. ...

Women Startups

The Fearless Fight to Fund Women-Owned Startups

A source of funding for the fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs in our country is under attack. The Black-owned venture capital firm investing in women of color, Fearless Fund, is being sued for alleged "reverse discrimination"....

Post Vacation

Post-Vacation Reset: 8 Steps to Take Back Control

Ah, don't we love the summer vacation season? It's a time of relaxation, adventure, and often a little splurging--or a lot. After returning home, your bank accounts remind you that you lost track of your budget or scold you for never having one!...

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