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Money Lessons From King Kendrick | OneUnited Bank

Money Lessons from King Kendrick

Everyone knows Kendrick Lamar is a genius. The rapper, better known as "King Kendrick," has revolutionized the world of music, and seems poised to take over the world.Obviously, King Kendrick has a lot to teach us about music. However, this musical icon also has plenty...

The Power of Debt Reduction | OneUnited Bank

The Power of Debt Reduction

Did you know that the amount that you owe on revolving accounts determines 30 percent of your credit score? It's true. FICO, the most widely used credit scoring system, uses the amount owed as a key variable in determining your score. While this is just...

Identity Theft: Don't Panic...Just Act! | OneUnited Bank

Identity Theft: Don’t Panic…Just Act!

It seems that every day we are hearing about another company being hacked and personal information being stolen. Don't Panic! First, take a deep breath. It's going to be okay...

Oh SNAP: Building an Emergency Fund | OneUnited Bank

Oh Snap: How to Build an Emergency Fund

We've all heard how important it is to have an emergency fund in some easily-accessible account to cover our living expenses for three to eight months in case we lose our jobs or otherwise can't make our payments. Wait, hold up! Three to eight MONTHS...

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