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Welcome to the OneUnited Bank family!
Congratulations on your financial accomplishments, sophistication, and willingness to help our community come together to act as a unified force. Our ability to use technology is the key to our financial prosperity and community protection.


It is very important that we get your account set up right from the beginning of our relationship to make sure your funds are safe and secure.

Get Access To Your Money In 3 Easy Steps
Step 1 | OneUnited Bank

Activate Your Card

  1. Have Ready…
    • Primary phone number
    • Last four digits of your SSN
    • Card number and expiration date
  2. Call 833-319-3044 (toll free)
  3. Follow the phone instructions and set PIN

Your NEW state-of-the-art OneUnited Bank Visa Debit Card has “Tap to Pay” chip technology with your name and card number on the back.

BankBlack Card | OneUnited Bank
Step 2 | OneUnited Bank

Download the OneUnited Bank App

Download On The App Store | OneUnited Bank
Google Play |OneUnited Bank

  1. Enter your username and password, or tap “Sign Up”

Mobile App | OneUnited Bank
Step 3 | OneUnited Bank

Sign Up For Direct Deposit

  1. Log in, tap “More” then tap “Direct Deposit” in our app
    • Or visit our direct deposit page in online banking
  2. Complete the direct deposit form
  3. Provide the completed form to your HR or Benefits Manager

With BankBlack Early Pay, you can get paid 2 days early with direct deposit.

Direct Deposit | OneUnited Bank
Doonie Debit Visa POS

Make purchases with your new “contactless” Visa Debit Card and be on your way in seconds!