Why OneUnited?

Thunder and Enlightening by Addonis Parker

Our Money Matters

  • OneUnited Bank, the nation’s largest black-owned bank and FDIC insured, understands we have to focus on money to improve the lives of our community!
  • Black buying power in America today is over $1.2 trillion dollars. When focused on improving our neighborhoods and supporting Black-owned businesses that are more likely to hire Black people, those dollars become a powerful force
  • We want you to stand up and represent. We want you to be part of the movement – to BankBlack® and #BuyBlack – to demonstrate our economic power. Yes…Black Lives Matter. Black Money Matters.

Our History

OneUnited Bank began almost 50 years ago with the opening of Unity Bank & Trust in Boston, Massachusetts. OneUnited Bank was established by combining Black-owned banks across the country – Founders National Bank of Commerce in Los Angeles, Family Savings Bank in Los Angeles, Peoples National Bank of Commerce in Miami and Boston Bank of Commerce – with the same mission, to create an institution to garner our spending power and channel it back into the communities we serve.

We Are OneUnited

We are the first Black internet bank and the largest Black owned bank in the country, with offices in Los Angeles, Boston and Miami.
We are a designated Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) serving low to moderate income communities.

We are committed to increasing financial literacy within our communities through workshops and events – like #BankBlackMiami, our Smart Money Summer School Workshops, the OneUnited Mural Project, and Money on My Mind symposium with the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) – and by offering affordable financial services to meet the needs of urban communities – like UNITY Savings, UNITY Visa secured credit card to rebuild credit and U2 Checking, our second chance checking account.

We Are OneUnited Bank

The clarity of our vision and mission inspires us to serve, and to continue to educate and innovate as we grow.

When you join OneUnited Bank,

you join thousands of families, organizations and business owners across the country who are committed to the #BlackMoneyMatters movement. If 1 million people open a $100 savings account in a Black-owned bank, we will move $100 million! Join the movement. Open an account today!

Open an Account

We believe you have the ability to grow, strengthen and financially empower yourself and your community. Get started at our Financial Education Center today, for free.