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OneUnited Bank encourages you to check out free available financial information from government agencies such as the FDIC or Federal Reserve Banks located throughout the country. These agencies provide information on your rights and help to explain financial services without trying to sell you financial services.

OneUnited Bank believes a smart customer is a good Member of OneUnited Bank. We also believe educating our Members is an important part of our mission. Here are some useful websites!

Building Wealth: A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

Accumulating wealth-as distinct from just making a big income-is the key to your financial independence. It gives you control over assets, power to help shape the corporate and political landscape, and the ability to ensure a prosperous future for your children and their heirs….

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. and Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.,
It’s About the Money!

You can create personal wealth. It’s possible to meet your financial goals. By choosing to budget, save and invest, you can pay off debt, send your child to college, buy a comfortable home, start a business, save for retirement and put money away for a rainy day. Through budgeting, saving and investing, and by limiting the amount of debt you incur, all these goals are within your reach.

Some people consider themselves wealthy because they live in a very expensive house and travel around the globe. Others believe they are wealthy simply because they’re able to pay their bills on time. This website talks about financial wealth and what it means to you.

Building wealth requires having the right information, planning and making good choices. This website provides basic information and a systematic approach to building wealth. It is based on time-honored principles you probably have heard many times before—budget to save; save and invest; control debt.

Home Mortgages: Understanding the Process and Your Rights to Fair Lending

You’ve been looking at houses for months and months, and you have finally found it – the house that’s just right. Now, you’re anxious to buy your new home, move in, and get settled. But you still have an important task ahead of you – getting a mortgage loan.

The brochure on this website explains about dealing with mortgage lenders. It tells you where to look, what to look for, and what takes place when you apply for a mortgage. Knowing what to expect, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer, may make it easier for you to get through the process.

You’ll also learn about your legal rights to fair lending and what you have a right to expect in fair treatment. The Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act make it unlawful for a lender to decide whether you qualify for a loan, or to offer less favorable terms, for reasons such as your race, national origin or sex and other prohibited factors.

If you believe you have been unlawfully discriminated against by a lender, or have questions about the treatment you have received, the brochure on this website also tells you where to file a complaint.

Find out: Where to Shop and What to Look For; The Mortgage Application Process; Understanding Your Rights to Fair Lending; Directory of Federal Agencies.

Safe Banking Using the Internet

As use of the internet continues to expand, more banks and thrifts, such as OneUnited Bank, are using the Web to offer products and services. The Internet offers the potential for safe, convenient new ways to shop for financial services and conduct banking business, any day, any time. However, safe banking online involves making good choices – decisions that will help you avoid costly surprises or even scams.

The brochure from this website offers information and tips to help you if you are thinking about or already using online banking systems. The brochure will tell you how to:

  • Confirm that an online bank is legitimate and that your deposits are insured;
  • Keep your personal information private and secure;
  • Understand your rights as a consumer; and
  • Learn where to go for more assistance from banking regulators.