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The Comeback Card

More than just another credit card. With the UNITY Visa® Secured Card you get reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus, the How to Rebuild Credit Program, and so much more. If you are looking for a tool to help you rebuild or strengthen your credit, the UNITY Visa Secured Card is a great place to start. Just check out this e-book on getting a second chance at credit with UNITY Visa.

There are a lot of credit card options out there today, including pre-paid cards, so what makes a secured card different? What make a better option? Well, while both secured cards and pre-paid cards require a deposit before you can start using the card, a secured credit card will help you build your credit over time while using it, a prepaid debit won’t.


And to top it all off, we have great rates. See our rates and disclosures for yourself.

Who It’s Perfect For?

The UNITY Visa Secured Credit Card is the perfect credit card for people with bad credit, or for those looking to rebuild their credit. With a fixed rate, online account management and reporting to all three credit bureaus you can begin to establish your credit history or get your credit back on track. Sound good? Then let’s get started.

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Credit Rebuilding Tools

Make a Comeback

Make a comeback and start working to rebuild your credit with our How to Rebuild Credit Program.

UNITY Checking

Whether you need a second chance or are looking for a great interest rate, we have some of the best online checking account offerings in the country, so you can manage your money, your way.

UNITY Savings

With low minimums to open, automatic savings plans and low to no maintenance fees, UNITY Savings accounts are great options for banking on the go.

You Can Make a Comeback
  • Strengthen Your Credit

    Strengthen Your Credit

    Maybe you want to buy a house, or a car in the future. Using the UNITY Visa Secured Card can help strengthen your credit history, bringing your dreams closer to reality.

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  • Rebuild Your Credit

    Rebuild Your Credit

    You shouldn't have to live with bad credit, and the truth is, you don't have to. Because we report to the 3 major credit bureaus, you can rebuild your credit over time with the UNITY Visa Secured Card.

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Curious about the whole secured card process? You can learn more about it by visiting our How to Get a Secured Card page.

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