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Everyone looks forward to payday! Why is Payday on Friday?


Let’s start with, why do we get paid every two weeks or every month?


According to Forbes, the answer is simple: Back in the day it wasn’t economical for employers to print and send a check every day. Thanks to technology, we now have direct deposit so employers don’t have to cut and mail checks. Instead they use the Automated Clearing House or ACH. But the weekly, every two weeks or every month payday remains in place.

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So how does early pay work?


Employers and the government process payroll or government benefits on Tuesday or Wednesday to have paper checks available by Friday. For paychecks that are processed by direct deposit through ACH, employers give notice of the direct deposit on Wednesday or Thursday along with a payment date of Friday. A bank or credit union can make the funds available to you before the payment date, which can be up to 2 days early.


Very few banks offer early payday. OneUnited Bank launched BankBlack Early Pay to offer paychecks up to 2 days early with direct deposit1. This is not a payday loan. There are no fees or interest charges for BankBlack Early Pay.


So yes, it’s a good thing!



1Direct deposits for BankBlack Payday must be made in your name or in the name of a signer on your account. OneUnited Bank pays early by making the money available as soon your verified employer/payor deposits it – which is often up to two days before most banks make the funds available to you.

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