Online Banking Inquiries


Question: Can I see my account online? When?

Answer: Yes. If you just opened an account or current hold and account, you can access Online Banking by following the instructions on our enrollment page (Click here). Once you access Online Banking you will be able to view your account, transfer funds between banks, enroll in Bill Pay, and activate your Debit/ATM Card, access direct deposit forms, locate ATMs, open a new account, or order a new Debit/ATM card. If you need assistance you may contact us by calling (877)One-United or (877)663-8648.


Question: How does the OneUnited Bank online banking work?

Answer: First you must register for online or mobile banking. Once you enroll, you will be prompted to create a Username and Password.


We do not recommend you use your email address or name as your Username, but instead use a combination of letter and numbers for better security. Your password will need ot have 12 characters including letters, a minimum of one number and one special character. You will use the same Username and Password for both online and mobile banking.

Once logged in, you can:

  • Access Your Accounts – You can view account balances and transactions, pay bills, or make deposits.
  • Find Locations – You can find the closest surcharge-free ATM or branch location nearest you.
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit – You can sign up for direct deposit and receive your deposit up to 2 day early with BankBlack Early Pay.
  • Make Transfers – You can move funds between your OneUnited Bank accounts.
  • Access Your Mortgage Loan – You can view your mortgage loan information and make your mortgage payment by using your OneUnited Bank or other Banking Institutions checking, savings and/or debit card.
  • POP Money – You can pay other people using funds in your account by providing an email address or cell phone number of the person you want to pay.
  • Pay Bills – You can set up, cancel or edit a bill payment.
  • Deposit Checks – You can use the app to deposit a check by taking a picture of the check once you register for Mobile Remote Deposit Capture.
  • Contact Us – You can contact us by phone or email without logging into the App.


Question: Is online banking currently available to all users?
Answer: Yes.


Question: Is it safe to bank using online banking?

Answer: Yes. You are required to authenticate yourself anytime you access online banking from a new device to protect your privacy. All communication between your mobile device and the online banking server is encrypted. See Security for more information.


Question: How many transactions can be displayed

Answer: The last 30 days of transactions will be displayed. Select the View More Transactions button to view additional transactions going back to 180 days.


Question: What different kinds of funds transfer are available?

Answer: You can transfer funds between OneUnited Bank accounts or accounts at other financial institutions. To do a funds transfer, select the Move Money tab. You can complete an immediate Internal Transfer or Schedule a Transfer to another OneUnited Bank account or complete an External Transfer to your account at another financial institution and to another person using Pop Money.


Question: How do I log out?

Answer: Select the Log Out button at the top right of the page. This will return you to the Login screen.


Question: What is the password requirement for online banking?

Answer: Your password will need to have 12 characters including letters, a minimum of one number and one special character. You will use the same Username and Password for both online and mobile banking. To protect your security, do not share your Username and Password with anyone or write it down for others to access. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and security of your access credentials including your Username and Password, security questions and answers, account numbers, etc. (See Online Banking Disclosure)


Question: Is help available through online device?

Answer: Click HELP in the top right corner to find a topic. Detailed information is displayed to assist you in navigating online banking. Click Support in the top right corner to find our support phone number 1-877-663-8648 and hours of operation. For help regarding your computer or laptop and/or wireless internet connectivity, contact your wireless provider.


Question: What does the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox do?

Answer: Selecting the Remember Me checkbox gives the application permission to save your Username so that you do not have to enter it each time you attempt to log in. We do not recommend that you use your email address or name as your Username, but instead use a combination of letters and numbers for better security. Your Username is masked and stored securely to keep your information safe. Your device may also offer you facial recognition or fingerprint recognition in place of your password.


Question: Can I pay bills using online banking?

Answer: Yes. If you have a checking account, you can sign up for Bill Pay.


Question: Can I access Purchase Rewards using online banking?

Answer: Yes. You can access Purchase Rewards in online banking by selecting Purchase Rewards. Review frequently to ensure that you are activating merchants that you patronize to maximize your rewards.