Loan Inquiries


Question: Can you assist me with a home loan?

Answer: We offer home loans for single-family residences in communities close to our branches (Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties, CA, Miami-Dade and Broward counties, FL and Suffolk, Middlesex and Norfolk counties, MA). Simply apply now!!! Visit the home loans section of our website now to apply or compare rates.
We also offer multifamily loans in communities close to our branches. We are one of the top 100 multifamily lenders in the country. We specialize in 5 to 75 unit properties, including affordable housing/Section 8. To learn more or speak with a Loan Consultant who specializes in multifamily lending, simply visit our multifamily page.


Question: What is your mortgage rate?

Answer: For single family loans, visit our home loans page for our Featured Rate. Also, simply complete basic information on the Personalized Quote page – without any obligation or fee – to see more rate options.  We offer very competitive home loan rates and many options with and without points.  Visit the home loans section of our website now to learn more.
Any promotions offered by OneUnited Bank are reflected in the fees or rate information when you apply for a personalized quote during the time of the promotion.
For multifamily loans, visit here to learn more or contact our Loan Consultants.


Question: Can you assist me with a business loan?

Answer: We offer mortgage loans for single-family and multifamily properties in communities where our branches are located. We do not currently offer business loans.