Cash To Your Card Inquires


Question: How can I add cash to my card at retailers?
Answer: OneUnited Bank is offering Green Dot® services to deposit cash on the go (reloading), including Reload @ the Register™, Walmart® Rapid Reload and MoneyPak®! Now it’s convenient to add cash to your OneUnited Bank Visa debit card and checking account at 90,000 retailers nationwide.

Question: How does adding cash to my card work?
Answer: For Walmart, ask the cashier to add cash directly to your OneUnited Bank Visa debit card. For Reload @ the Register, ask the cashier at a participating store to add cash directly to your OneUnited Bank Visa debit card. For MoneyPak1, purchase a MoneyPak of $20 to $500, create a secure login at, then simply transfer your MoneyPak funds to your OneUnited Bank Visa debit card, 24/7.


Keep your receipt for proof. Reload and card limits apply. Your OneUnited Bank Visa debit card must be an active card. OneUnited Bank ATM cards do not apply.

Question: Is there a limit on the amount of cash you can add to your card?
Answer: For Reload @ the Register, you can add any amount from $20 to $500 as long as card load limits are not exceeded, which vary by retailer from $500-$1,500. For Walmart, card and balance limits apply of $1,000. For MoneyPak, you can purchase a MoneyPak of $20-$500.

Question: Is there a fee?
Answer: Yes, the retail service fee for Reload @ the Register is up to $4.95. The retail service fee for Walmart Rapid Reload is $3.74 (not available in Vermont). The retail service fee for MoneyPak is $5.951. There is no load fee charged by OneUnited Bank.


There are many ways to make a deposit into your OneUnited Bank account for no fee, including direct deposit where you can get paid up to 2 days early, mobile deposit (taking a picture of your check) or an ATM deposit at 30,000 surcharge fee ATMs nationwide.

Question: How quickly will my money be available in my account?
Answer: Your money will typically be available on the debit card for your use within 20 minutes.

Question: How do I know the cash went on my card or into my checking account?
Answer: Check your balance in OneUnited Bank online or mobile banking to confirm the reload went through. Keep your receipt for proof.

Question: What retailers are participating? Where are the reload locations?
Answer: Visit any participating Walmart store ( Visit for a list of 90,000+ participating retailers. Visit for locations nearest you.


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1 MoneyPak charges a flat fee of $5.95 for each MoneyPak of $20-$500. To deposit $200 in cash, as an example, will require $205.95. To learn more about MoneyPak, including locations nearest you, how MoneyPak works and how to protect your funds using MoneyPak, simply visit Personal information, internet access, working email address and consent to receive text messages and location information required. Must be 18 or older to use this product. Card must be activated and personalized with cardholder’s name.